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    Bar Point



    Between McFarland's Down and the Innisidgen Bronze Age Tombs, you will find Bar Point, one of St....

  2. Tresco Abbey Gardens

    Tresco Abbey Gardens


    Family Activities (Sightseeing)

    The sub-tropical Abbey Garden is a glorious exception - a perennial Kew without the glass -...

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    Glandore Gallery



    Glandore Gallery is a beachside studio/shop featuring work by Stephen Morris and Nan Heath,...

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Troy Town Maze



Troy Town Maze has been the subject of much speculation as to its origins and why it should have been built there. It is a seven ring unicursal (single line) pebble maze of a type common in Scandinavia where such mazes were usually built on the sea shore to protect sailors by ensuring a fair wind.
Troy Town on Agnes is rumoured to have been built by Amor Clarke, one of the lighthouse keepers, in 1795. However the remains of a much earlier maze were discovered when Troy Town waas dismantled and dug up during the 1980s.