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Oystercatchers for company on St. Martin's


The Isles of Scilly are one of the best places in Britain to spot birds. As if Scilly’s native feathered friends were not fascinating enough, the islands are also an important staging post for migrating birds and are often the first land encountered by rare species that are blown off course.

There is plenty to keep the most discerning twitcher happy all year round, but if you are really serious about birding, then things tend to get particularly exciting around October, the best month for more unusual sightings. The red-breasted flycatcher, yellow-browed warbler, wryneck, Richard's pipit, pectoral sandpiper and the Lapland bunting might even make an appearance.

During the first two weeks in October, birders from all over the country come to Scilly hoping to spot their own birding highlights, and there are regular evening bird logs to report sightings and rarities, and to chat to friends. This is an excellent time to visit Scilly, even if you simply want to watch the watchers!

There are many resident ornithologists and nature guides who run regular birding walks around each of the inhabited islands, stopping off at local pubs and cafes for refreshment on the way.

Pelagic boat trips are also popular with birders as they offer the chance to watch seabirds up close and personal. They run from spring to autumn and often encounter puffins, Manx shearwaters, guillemots, shags and razorbills. For details, see the notice boards on St Mary’s quay, or check out

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